For configuring the Fee Collection, the Admin/Privilege user need to do some basic finance settings which include:

  1. General Settings: To configure settings required to manage the different fees in your institution.

  2. Printer Settings: To configure the printer type and paper size used for printing 

  3. PDF Settings: To configure the details to be shown in the receipt PDF including signature and custom footer text 

  4. Receipt Sets: To create and manage receipt sequences for various fees 

  5. Receipt Templates: To design custom templates with header and footer for fee receipts 

  6. Fee Accounts: To group fees into multiple accounts 

  7. Financial Years: To manage different transactions carried out under a particular financial year.

Steps to configure the general settings are as follows:

  Step 1: Go to Menu > Administration > Finance > Finance Settings

  Step 2: Create a Financial Year.

  Step 3: Create Fee Accounts.

  Step 4: Configure “Receipts Sets”

  Step 5: Configure “Receipt Templates” 

  Step 6: Configure “PDF Settings”

  Step 7: Configure “Printer Settings” 

  Step 8: Configure the “General Settings”