Steps to configure the printer type and paper size used for printing of the receipts are as follows:

Go to Menu > Administration > Finance > Finance Settings > Printer Settings

  1. Receipt printer type: Select the receipt printer type as Normal, Dot Matrix, or Thermal by clicking on the radio button.

  2. Print sheet size: Select sheet size from the dropdown as A5 Landscape or A5 portrait.

  3. Receipt Template: Select the receipt template(created in the finance settings) from the dropdown.

  4. Receipt header: Select the receipt header as Auto-Generated (Using this, the institution name and address are displayed in the receipt header) or Customized header (Using this, the customized header can be given in case the institute is having the printer sheet having the header already). The Admin user needs to specify the required header space in millimeters.

        5. Click on the “Save settings” button to save it