As per the requirement of the institute, an admin or privileged user can collect the specific fees anytime from the Student/Employee/Guest as an Instant Fee. There will not any due date for instant fees.

To create or manage such Instant Fee, the Admin or the Privilege user has to perform the below steps:

Step 1: Go to Menu > Administration > Finance > Fee > Master Fees

Step 2: Create a master particular by clicking on the New Master Particular option.

Step 3: Go to Menu > Administration > Finance > Fee > Instant Fee


Step 4: Click on the Manage Instant Fees option.

Step 5: Click on Add Category to create a Fee Category.

Step 6: Enter the category name and description in their respective fields.


Step 7: Click on Save button to save it.

Step 8: Click on Add Particular button 

Step 9: Enter the details as

  1. Select Category from the dropdown list.

  2. Select the particular name from the dropdown list which is been created in the master particular.

  3. Add Description

  4. Enter the amount

  5. Select the Tax Slab(if applicable).



 Step 10: Click on the Save button to save it.