How to configure the “General Settings” in Finance

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Using general settings, Admin, or the privileged user can configure the required settings to manage the different fees for your institution.

Go to Menu > Administration > Finance > Finance Settings > General Settings

Here, configure general settings are as follows:

  1. Fee receipt mode: This option is used to select how many receipts should be generated for one transaction when using Pay all Fees. Click on the Radio button to select either Single or Multiple modes of generation.

  1. Multiple Fee Account: Admin/Privilege Users can group fees into different account labels using this setting. Also, filters in reports to isolate transactions under a particular account can be provided. User needs to select either Enable or Disable by clicking on the radio button. When it is disabled, all transactions go under the default fee account.

  1. Multiple Receipt Templates: As the multiple types of receipt template can be created in the Fedena, to enable the multiple receipt template user can select the Enable option by clicking on the radio button or can keep it disabled if not required.

  2. Multiple Receipt Sets:  As the multiple receipt sets can be created inside the Fedena in case of generating a specific Receipt number for each set. To enable this, the Admin or Privilege user needs to select the Enable option by clicking on the radio button otherwise keep it Disable.

  3. Default fee receipt settings: If the Institute has a single type of receipt set, to generate the receipt number, the user needs to enter the Default fee receipt prefix and Default fee receipt starting number in their respective text field.

  4. Enable tax settings: To enable the Tax generation in the Fedena, the Admin user can enable it by clicking on the radio button of the Enable otherwise can keep it disabled.

  5. Enable invoice generation: Invoice generation can be enabled or disabled using this option. Click on the radio button to Enable or Disable it.

  6. Invoice number settings: If the Invoice generation is enabled, the user needs to enter the starting invoice number in its respective text field.

  7. Invoice Amount settings: Users can choose the amount to be displayed in the invoice as Total Amount Due and Total Amount Paid by clicking on their respective checkbox to enable it.

  8. Amount in Words: User can enable this setting to show the fees paid amount in words in the fee receipts by clicking on the Radio button of the Enable option otherwise keep it Disable.

  9. Amount Wording System: The amount of the Fees can be shown as the Indian System or Western System by clicking on their respective Radio button.

  10. Advance Payment for Students: To enable the option for the User to collect the Advance Fees from the students, click on the radio button of Enabled otherwise user can keep it as Disable.

  11. Waiver Discounts Receipt Number Settings: User can disable the setting to avoid receipt number only for WAIVER DISCOUNT transactions by clicking on the radio button of Disable option otherwise can keep it Enable.

  12. Suspend Fine calculation after fee payment: User can enable the setting to stop the automatic fine calculation once the Fee has been paid by clicking on the radio button of Enable otherwise can keep it Disable.

Once all the above configuration is done as per the requirement, the user needs to click on the Save settings button to save it.


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