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Fedena comprises various modules and plugins to efficiently manage all administration, management, and learning-related activities. The ‘Menu’   at the top of your dashboard provides access to the core modules and the plugins that are available for your institution to use.

To get started using the different modules, first, we need to do the following settings in the Fedena application.

Note: To access the Settings option in the Fedena, the user needs to follow the below steps.


  • Click on Menu > Administration > Settings link in the dashboard as shown in Fig 1.

                                                                                 Fig 1.

  • It displays the Configuration Home page within Fedena depicted in Fig 2.

As we can see in the above screenshot, the configuration page consists of the following options:

  1. Manage Class/Section: This option is used to configure the batches, classes, or courses and its sections in the Fedena system. For example, Users can add classes like Grade 1, Class 1, BBA Year 1, etc and Sections as A, B, Semester 1, etc.

  2. Manage student category: This option is used to add student categories that are present in the school or college. In order to manage the discounts in the Fee or characterize the students in the school, category creation is used.

For example, users can add categories like Staff Category, Siblings, Day Scholar, Regular Boarding, etc.

  1. Manage Subjects: This option is used to add and assign subjects to different courses, batches, or classes in the Fedena system.

  2. General Settings: This option is used to configure or add general information regarding the school or the college such as School Name, Address, Logo, Grading System, Language, Currency, etc.

  3. Add admission additional details: This option is used to add the additional field in the Fedena system which will be used while admitting the Student in the Fedena. For Example Passport Number, Birth Certificate, etc.

Once the field is added, the user will have the option to add the details inside these fields while entering the student details in the system.

  1. Manage student roll numbers: This option is used to sort all students in the institution. The student can be sorted with either Admission Number, First Name, or Last name. 

Based on the value you select, roll numbers can be generated for all students.

  1. Student Document Categories: This option is used to Add or Create Student Document categories which can be used to upload the documents at the time of admission of the student in the Fedena System.

For Example- Passport, Previous Report Card, etc.

  1. Feature Access Settings: This option is used to configure or enable the list of features that the parent/guardian of your institution can have access to. This list includes:

  1. Gallery: To see the shared gallery

  2. Hostel: To see the ward’s hostel details

  3. Transport: To see the ward's transport details.

  4. Student’s Documents: To see the ward’s documents.

  5. Assignment: To see the ward’s homework or assignments.

  6. Tasks: To see the tasks.

 9. Academic Years: This option is used to configure or add the Academic Year of the institution.

 For Example: 2019-2020, 2020-2021 etc.

We can set the desired academic year accordingly such that all the students admitted, exams, sections created will be under this chosen academic year. It helps to organize the events and data chronologically for better efficiency in the institution.

10. Custom Words: This option is used to add custom words in order to manage the variations in the Fedena System. Once the custom words are enabled, it helps to display the user-specified words on the UI of Fedena.

For example, Courses can be called Classes or Batches.

11. Manage Clients: This option is used to add client apps or websites such as Wikipedia so that users can have access to these clients inside their Fedena Login.

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