The notification control setting provides the entire control over the internal notification in the Fedena application. The admin/privileged employee can control the notification sent from different modules to Student, Parent/Guardian, Employee/Admin. By default, all the notification options will be enabled which can be configured as per the requirement.


  1. Menu > Administration > Settings > Notification Control Settings
  2. Select the notification Actions against each Module for the set of users to be received
  3. Save Settings

Overview in web instance:


Notification Management in Mobile App:

The notification management option is also available in the mobile app where the user can personalize the notification to be received/shown to the mobile app notification bar.

The notification settings can be accessed and configured by following the below steps:

  1. Tap the marked ≡ option at the top left corner of the mobile app

  2. Tap on the Notification Settings option, this will provide the configurations available for each user
    Mobile App Overview- 
  3. In Mobile App view, the user can control the notification for the selected features 

Watch Notification Management Tutorial Video for better understanding: