Fedena ERP is designed to cater to global needs. The Education system across the globe varies a lot in terms of the process each institute follows. The terms or Nomenclature used in institutes may differ according to the Geographical locations. Below are the labels that can mislead according to the Geographical position of the institute

  In Fedena                                                                  What it can refer to

Course Programme to which student is admitted. This can be like Standard 1, Electronics Engineering, MBA, MS etc
Subject The modules which are taught in the Course / Programme. Some part of the world, this is called as Course. Example English is a subject, Mathematics is a subject.
Grade This can be confused with Course. Grade in Fedena can be the basis on which the academic performance of a student can be measured. As an example, a grade can be 'First class with Honors', 'Second Class', 'Failed', 'Passed' etc
Hostel Residential facility provided by the School/College. Some part of the world, this is called as Dormitory facility / Residential facility etc
Exams / Examination  Assessment carried out by the teachers/lecturers to evaluate the academic/co-curricular performance of the students.