Different Methods of Hosting Fedena : SAAS & Self-Hosting(CDS)

Modified on Mon, 30 Sep 2019 at 02:58 PM

Fedena can be purchased in many different plans and packages. Most of them involve you purchasing Fedena as a SAAS - Software as a Service, which only means that Fedena will be hosted on our servers and you don’t have to worry about anything technical aspects from your side. The other version your purchase is the self hosted version of Fedena, which can be hosted on a server provided by Foradian or a server you already have set up. You might ask what is a server next? If you do not have anybody well equipped technically, it’s best to avoid purchasing a self hosted(CDS) version and rather just go ahead with the Fedena SAAS package.

Benefits of purchasing Fedena SAAS : 

  • Fedena is hosted on Foradian’s server. You don’t have to worry about any technical aspects of it. 
  • Fedena will always be accessible as we make sure our servers never go down and are always up and running at the highest speeds.
  • Fedena technical support tickets are easier to solve. 
  • Fedena is on the cloud and hence always accessible from anywhere, mobiles, tablets, laptops, cafes etc which are connected to the internet.  

Some of our customers also prefer to host Fedena on their servers and come under the classification of Self-hosted Fedena users. As much as we don’t encourage self-hosting Fedena, but there are also some benefits in self-hosting Fedena.

Pros and Cons of Self Hosting Fedena : 
  • Self hosting Fedena allows you to choose the server of your own choice. This also means that your institution will be responsible for everything on the technical aspects of Fedena. 
  • Since Fedena is hosted on the local server, you can access Fedena without internet as well, but only through computers, mobiles connected to your institution’s network. 
  • Self Hosting Fedena also involves a list of technical knowledge. Your institution’s admin must have to meet the requirements of Fedena from the server configuration knowledge. This might also help your institution in integrating Fedena with the already existing softwares being used in your institution. 
  • Solving tickets for a self hosted version of Fedena which is on your servers takes longer as it would require you to give us access to your servers and a full knowledge transfer of the changes you have made to Fedena for your institution so that our experts can then solve the issue at hand. 

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