• Always implement the Fedena application in your institution only after understanding the Application.
  • There should be an Administrator in the Institution who is thorough with the Application
  • Administrator should train other users of the institute who are going to use the Application
  • The users of the institute must do a hands on Fedena in test environment ( / fedena test instance) as a prerequisite of using the application in Live environment
  • Always enter the data through the application only (Data injection through Database should never be done)
  • Go through all the user manuals and solutions in Fedena support portal.
  • Always install Fedena in servers with Fresh OS only (Ubuntu, CentOS, Suse etc). Windows based servers are not recommended for Fedena installation. 


  • Never edit the data from the data base. Always enter the data from the application only.
  • Never enter dummy/invalid data in your production Fedena instance. All testing to be done in test instance
  • Fedena shouldn't be installed in shared servers.