How to manage Subject and User Data Syncing in Fedena Learn?

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>> Pre-requisite: Subjects should be added in Fedena.

How to add subjects in Fedena Learn?

1. Add Subjects in the "Subject Center", follow the link to know-how to add subject-

2. Next, after subjects are added, the subjects need to be linked to the batches.

Linking can be done by going to  Menu >> Subject Center >> Link Batches

3. Select the batch for which the linking needs to be done and click on Assign and save.

How to Sync Subject Details in Fedena Learn?

1. Subjects available in Fedena can be added directly to the Learn App by using the Bulk Sync feature.

2. Next, select the Academic year. Choose the academic year for which the data needs to be synced with the Learn App.

3. After selecting the academic year, we get to select the course for which the subjects need to be synced. All the subjects belonging to that course will be displayed.


4. At first, all the subjects available in that course will be selected by default. But If you want to exclude any subjects from the course, you can uncheck the selected subject.

Note: We have unchecked the Social subject, which means it will not be synced to the Learn App and it will be displayed under excluded list in the preview section.

5. Next, since there are no new batches created for the selected course so the batch of this course has already been synced, nothing would be displayed here.

6. In the preview section, you can view the list of all the unchecked(excluded) subjects and batches.

7. Lastly, click on the submit button to complete the syncing.

Sync logs - To verify all the synced data

In Sync Logs - Users can verify the status of all the synced data

1. Click the Sync Logs - To check the status of synced data details.

2. We can check the synced data by clicking on view sync data. 

3. Next, on the “Bulk Resync” page,  you can check sync details like the learn course created for the subject, learners groups, and learners details associated with the added subject. All this automatically created once syncing is complete. 

>> Sl No. 1, 2 & 3 shows the Learn courses created.

>>Sl No. 4, 5 & 6 show the Learner group created.

>>Sl No. 10 shows the Learner associated with that subject.

Synced Data Details :

It can be selected according to the Academic year and the classHere you can see all the sync data like courses, learners, instructors. Also, view sync data subject-wise, Student wise and Employee wise summary. 

How to assign employees to these subjects?

In order to assign Employee to a subject, go to Administration >> Human Resources >> Employee Management >> Employee subject association

  • Here select a batch, subject, and department details and select the employee and click on assign

Next, go back to the Learn Module to check employee assignment sync status

In Sync logs, you can view the sync, in the below screenshot it is synced as - "Employee Subject Addition". Here you can sort the sync log based on Status, User Name, and Date Wise.

Next, Click on "View Sync Data". In the screenshot, we can see the Employee Subject Addition has been synced successfully. 

Note: In this way, whenever a new employee is associated with a subject, it will automatically be mapped to the Learn app as well.

Check this video to know how to add Subjects and User Data Syncing in action: 

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