• In the institute, there can be many levels that an application may go through before it is allotted or discarded, based on your institution's requirements and process

  • Admin users can add a new status to track the application throughout its lifecycle. 

  • Admin users will be able to filter applicants of each class by these filters. 

Step to be followed to use the Status in applicant registration are given below:

Step 1:  Once the new application is submitted by the applicant or the Admin, the application will come into the Pending Status.

  • At this status, the Admin user can change the status of the application into an additional status which is created as per the requirement which can be used as a filter based on such status. For Eg: Entrance Test Conducted, Interview Conducted, On Hold, etc.

  • Admin users can also mark the application fees as paid and can provide the receipt to the applicant.

Step 2: In the pending status tab, click on the name of the applicant to view the application.

Step 3: In this step, the admin user can perform these tasks:

  • Update the status of the application: This can be done by clicking on the update status tab.

Also, it can be marked as Application Fee paid and provide the offline receipt to the applicant.

  • Allocate applicant: After the admission confirmation, the Admin user can allocate the batch to the applicant using allocate applicant option

  • Discard: If the application of the applicant is rejected, then the Admin user can move the application is Discarded status using the Discard option.

  • Edit Application: If required, the application can be edited by the Admin user using the Edit application option.

  • Download Pdf: User can download the application pdf from this option

                                                                        Fig. 1

                                                                            Fig. 2

Once the application is moved into different statuses, the Admin user can see those applications in their respective status tab.