In order to start the applicant registration process, the Admin or the privileged user needs to configure the Registration settings. 

To configure the Applicant's Registration settings, the user needs to follow the below steps:

Step 1: Add Active years and courses

The user needs to Activate the new Academic Session for which they want to open the Admissions.

Step 2: Configure the Registration Course settings

 The user has to do the following configuration in this setting for a specific Academic Year:

  1. Users can do the settings both as general or course-specific.

  2. Welcome message, description, or instruction on how to fill the application form can be created which will show up to the applicants when they open the Application form link.

  3. Customize the application form as per the requirement.

  4. Create the different statuses of Applications such as Pending, Allotted, Rejected etc.

Step 3: Configure the Magic Pins (optional setting)

Manage Pins option provides users to create unique PIN numbers that can be issued to the students for the registration.

Each student will be given a unique code with which they can register for a course online. The sole purpose of PIN is to make sure that the student has paid for getting the PIN number in order to register for the course. (If the registration is free, this facility may not be used).

Step 4 : Configure Notifications settings. (optional setting)

As per the institute requirement, the Admin user can configure the notifications settings for the applicant registration module to get the notifications for any new application or to know the daily digest.

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