Fees will be different for different batches/semesters. The fee category will help institutions to configure this batch-wise. This fee category can be used for scheduling the fee collection date in the next step.


To create “Fee Category”, the user needs to follow the below steps:

Go to Menu > Administration > Finance > Fees > Create Fees. 

Step 1: Click on Create Category.

Step 2: Enter the category name and description.

Step 3: Select the batch/batches, by clicking on the checkbox which belongs to it.

Step 4: Select the “Fee Account”

Step 5: Select the “Receipt Template”

Step 6: Select the “Receipt Sets”

Step 7: Click on the “Save” button to save the settings.



Fee categories can be edited or deleted only if the fee category does not contain fee particulars.

  • Go to Menu > Administration > Finance > Fees > Create Fees.
  • Select a batch. The list of fee categories created for the batch will be displayed as depicted below.

  1. Click Edit to edit a fee category, or click Delete to delete a fee category.

Note: User will not be able to edit or delete fee category once anyone starts making payment