We at Foradian believe that proper Training and Support is an integral part of successful implementation of Fedena for your institute.

In case you find your experience unpleasant due to any reason, feel free to drop in your feedback. Be ensured to get a call within 12 hours regarding your  grievance.

Level 1

Shafi AA

Support Lead, Team Fedena Support

Email: shafi@foradian.com

Expected action: Team leader will analyse the ticket details and question the agent to understand the complaint in depth. If required he will also coordinate with technical and sales team to bring right solution.  You can expect a reply and right action in 12 working hours.

Note: It is recommended to always send an email first with details of the ticket, followed by a phone call. Team leaders and managers might be in preplanned meetings/events and may not be able to pick-up the calls immediately.

Level 2

If the above leader is not accessible or not able to address the grievance effectively & efficiently, please contact our CEO -Neelakantha Karinje

CEO, Foradian

Email: neel@foradian.com  

Expected action: Neelakantha Karinje will coordinate with other leaders to understand the challenges and bring the best possible solution. You can expect a reply and right action in 48 working hours.