Yes, We can can view all important information about an active batch on the Batch summary page. When a batch is fully functional, Administrators and privileged employees (Manage Course/Batch privilege must be provided or the employee must be a tutor for a batch) can be accessed through:

  • Click the module access icon > Administration > Settings > Manage Course/Batch > Manage Course > Select a course > Click on a batch
  • For tutors only – Click the module access icon > Academics > Batch summary > Select a batch

The Batch summary page consists of the following tabs, each displaying specific information related to the batch.

  • Students – View the list of students in the batch along with their admission number and roll number.


You can click on a student name to access the student’s profile.

  • Attendance – View the student attendance details for the day. This is available only if you mark attendance Daily. 


  • Subjects and Employees Allocation – View the subject and employee allocation details for a timetable. 


  • Timetables and Activities – View the timetable for the day along with class room allocation details, and calendar event details. 


  • Examinations – View the examination status details created in Examination module.

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