What is student roll number? What is the advantage of assigning roll numbers?

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Roll numbers are unique identification numbers that can be assigned to students at the time of admission or after admission. Roll numbers are unique to students within a batch. Two students of a batch cannot be assigned the same roll number.


To avoid instances of students of different batches having the same roll numbers, you can set a common prefix to all student roll numbers of each batch. The prefix can help you to identify which course and batch a student belongs to.


Before assigning roll numbers, you must choose how students are to be sorted in your institution. Students can be sorted by Admission no.First Name, or Last Name. After sorting the students, the first step is to set a prefix for a course. The prefix set for a course is automatically applied to all batches under that course. Also applied to all students in each batch. If you do not want all batches of a course to have the same roll number prefix, you can change it for each batch. Though two different courses or two different batches can have the same roll number prefix, we recommend setting a unique roll number prefix for each course and batch to avoid any confusion. The roll number prefix for students cannot be individually edited.

Note:- Administrator or a privileged employee (Manage student roll numbers privilege must be provided) can assign and manage student roll numbers.

    Some of the important pages/modules in which you will see student roll numbers are:

    • Data Exports
    • Student profile and student reports
    • Attendance reports
    • All reports in the Reports center
    • All fee receipts
    • Batch summary
    • Remarks
    • Online Exam

    In the following pages/modules, student admission numbers have been replaced with student roll numbers:

    • Attendance register
    • SMS
    • Assignment

    For more details, watch the video.

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