Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) is an integrated bill payment system offering interoperable and accessible bill payment methods. The institution needs to register with BBPS and the gateway has to be enabled from the accounts panel. 

Once enabled, it needs to be enabled in the Online Payment settings page as well. 


       1. To enable the BBPS, navigate to Online  payment-> Enable BBPS Gateways

2. Enter the below configuration parameters and save the settings.

configuration fields for setu pg:

  1.  primary_account_ifsc
  2.  primary_account_no
  3.  currency

Account-wise parameters:

  1. amount
  2. Ifsc
  3. account_no

Students/Parents can log in to BBPS and search for the Fees amount can be viewed in the BBPS system.

As a Payee, when you click on the pay fees button, the pending fees will be displayed as a request in the BBPS system. The amount can be edited and paid. 

Please find the flow of payment below

Parent/students can log in to BBPS, then they can search for the school and enter the unique ID for the payment.

Once the payment is done, the notifications will trigger and a receipt will be generated in Fedena.