Is there a free version available in Fedena?

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Fedena has got two versions. Fedena Opensource and Fedena Pro. Fedena Opensource is the community version of Fedena which is available for free download from Fedena Pro is a completely different product built on top of Fedena framework. It is not free.

What are the difference between Fedena Opensource and Fedena Pro?
  • Fedena Pro has hundreds of features which are not available in Fedena Opensource. Currently there are 30+ plugins available in Fedena Pro which is not available in Fedena Opensource. More plugins are planned and released frequently.
  • Fedena Opensource is in Apache License while the add-on modules(plugins) are in EULA(end-user license agreement) or any other license as set by Foradian Technologies.
  • Fedena Pro is supported by the developers of Fedena. Fedena Opensource is supported by the community.

Free & Opensource Modules
  1. courses and batches
  2. human resource
  3. student attendance
  4. timetable
  5. examination
  6. multiple dashboards
  7. student admission
  8. news management
  9. user management
  10. Academic Calendar
  11. Finance
  12. Student Information
  13. Event Management
  14. Employee Login
  15. Teacher Login
  16. Student/Parent Login
  17. Remarks
  18. Batch Summary

Plugins (Paid) 
  1. Hostel
  2. Online Examination
  3. Library
  4. Poll
  5. Transportation
  6. Assignment
  7. Placement
  8. Gallery
  9. Task
  10. Discussion
  11. Instant Fee
  12. Data Management
  13. Inventory
  14. Online Registration
  15. Moodle Integration
  16. Video Conferencing
  17. Google Drive Integration
  18. Mobile versions
  19. Tally integration
  20. 3rd Party applications integration
  21. Student, Teacher Blogs
  22. Discipline
  23. Custom Import
  24. Themes
  25. Fee Import
  26. Online Exams
  27. Audit
  28. Alumni
  29. Form Builder
  30. Online Payment
  31. Google Oauth Login
  32. Custom Report

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