How to create ID cards?

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How to create ID Cards

Institutes may have a format of ID Cards which they used to provide to the Students, Employees or Parents for identification or authorization purposes.

In order to generate the ID Cards, the Admin or the privilege user needs to create an ID Card template in the ID Card Generator Module inside the Fedena.

The steps which needs to performed by the user to create the ID Card template is as follows:

Step 1: Goto Menu > Academics > ID Cards

Step 2: Click on ID cards template option to create the template.

Step 3: Click on New template button.

Step 4: Enter the ID Card details as

  1. Enter the ID card name in the ID Card Name text field.

  2. Select the user from the Applicable User Type option by clicking on the respective user ie. Student, Employee or Parent.

  3. Select the resolution from the drop down to generate the ID Cards in that specific size.

  • Portrait ( 54mm * 86mm )

  • Landscape ( 86mm * 54mm )

  1. Select the Template Design-Back option to configure the back of the ID cards as

  • Disable : It will disable the back portion of the ID card

  • Common for all Users : Using this option, Admin user can enable or create the back design of the ID Card which will be common for all the users ID card.

  • Different for each User : Using this option, Admin user can enable or create the back design of the ID card where data can be fetched from the system which will be different from different users id card.

  1. Upload the Front Background Image.

  2. Upload the Back background Image if applicable.

Note The image format should be either .jpeg or .png format.

  1. Enter the Layout Spacing to adjust the alignment of the ID Card to be generated.

  2. Select the barcode information from the dropdown menu and select the orientation as left vertical, right vertical or horizontal for the barcode.

  3. Select the User Photo Style - Front as Circle or Square and provide the dimensions of the photo in the respective text field.

  4. Select the User Photo Style - Back as Circle or Square and provide the dimensions of the photo in the respective text field.


11. Enter the ID card content in the editor area.

  • To enter the fields in the editor area user can select the Field Codes  from the box and paste it into the editor area.

  • The field codes will depend on the user type for which user wants to generate the ID card.

  • After adding the field codes into the editor area, the user can define the positioning of the content that is going to be fetched into the ID card from the system.

  • Users can also change the font, colour or size of the content as per the requirement.

  • User can also add a custom field by clicking on the add custom fields option for any specific field which needs to be shown on the ID card after entering it manually before generation.

To use a custom field in the editor, enter the key prefixed with ‘custom’ within 2 curly braces as given below.


Name: Student Character

Key: character

Field code to be used: {{custom_character}}

                                                                              Fig 1.

                                                                              Fig 2.

                                                                      Fig. 3

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