Eventhough all employees can access the Assignment plugin, only employees associated to subjects can create assignments.

Note: In Fedena admin can't have an access to assignment plugin.

  1. Click the module access icon > Academics > Assignment to open the All assignments page.

  2. In the top right, click the Create new assignment button.

  3. Provide proper title, content and due date for the assignment. Select subject as well as students associated with the subject.


Once assignment got created, Students can login to the respective Fedena account and can answer to the assignment. Once the student got answered,

Log in again as employee.

    • Click the module access icon > Academics > Assignment > Select subject. Click on the ‘Answered’ link to see the replies.
  • assignment%202.png

    •   Click over the student name to view his/her answer. The teacher can either reject or accept.


    • If accepted, no need to re submit it again. Else the student has to submit the assignment again.


    If you have any doubts regarding assignment creation, please watch this.


    If you have any doubt regarding, how the student can admit their assignment, please watch this.


    If you have any doubts regarding, how a teacher can accept or reject an assignment