Manage Assignment Settings: Additional Settings and Linking Grade Profile

  • Additional Field SettingAdd additional fields in assignment creation according to the requirement 
  • Link Grading Profile - Link grade profile for using in assignment evaluation

Note : Assignment Setting - Only available for admin or privileged employees. Teachers cannot access Assignment Settings.

1.Steps to add Additional Fields Setting: 

  1. Click the module access icon > Academics > Assignment >> select “Settings” >> “Additional Field Settings”.

  2. Select the pre-created fields or reorder the fields as well.

3. To add custom field> click “Add new field”, fill up the fields and hit save.

2. Steps to add Link Grade Profile setting:

  1. Click the module access icon > Academics > Assignment >> select “Settings” >> “Link Grade Profile”.

  2. Here users can select pre-created “Gradesets” (How to create Gradesets?-Click to know more)

3.How to add Grades/Marks to assignments?

While accepting the assignment you can grade the assignment with marks/grades.

1.Goto Assignment> You see the assignment list.

2.Select the assignment. Click on the student's name.

3. Enter the Marks/Grade. Then click Accept.

Note: In the case of admin. They have to click on Reports then follow the above steps.

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