After admitting a new employee in Fedena, the administrator or a privileged employee (HR Basics privilege is required) can assign an employee to a subject. You can assign more than one employee to a subject, if required.

Note : Please note that an administrator cannot be assigned to a subject.

Click the module access icon > Administration > Human Resource > Employee Management > Employee Subject Association.

  1. In the Batch field, select the batch.

  2. In the Subject field, select the subject.

  1. In the Department field, select the department. All employees who belong to the selected department will be displayed.

  1. Click Assign beside the employee whom you want to assign the subject.

Assigned employees will be displayed under the Currently assigned list.

  1. Click Delete to remove the employee from the assigned subject.

Note: You cannot remove an employee from an assigned subject if the timetable has already been created for the subject. 

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