Bulk edit feature is useful when a change needs to be made to many records that were uploaded through Custom Import. 

All data that can be bulk uploaded can be edited also using bulk edit. 

To do a bulk edit click on any of the custom imports done and click on Bulk Edit as shown in the screenshot below:

This will lead to the option to select the csv file. Select the file and click on Upload to do the upload. 

However, when performing a bulk edit, the following field information cannot be edited as it is required to map to existing records in Fedena.

Data Type

Fields that cannot be edited

Employee Admission

  • Employee number|Employee

Student Admission

  • Admission no|Student

Guardian Addition

  • Ward Admission Number|Guardian

  • First name|Guardian

  • Relation|Guardian

Student Attendance

  • Student Admission Number|Attendance

  • Month date|Attendance

Student Exam Scores

  • Exam group name|inject

  • Batch name|inject

  • Subject code|inject

  • Student Admission Number|Exam score

Library Book

  • Book number|Book

Store Item

  • Item name|Store item


  • Contact no|Supplier

  • Supplier Type Code|Supplier


  • Code|Store

For more clarification, please watch this.