How to import data from a csv file to Fedena

Modified on Thu, 10 Nov 2016 at 05:55 PM

The custom import module allows you to add data by bulk into Fedena using a comma separated value (CSV) file. The CSV file can be edited using an editor like the free for download Libre Office Calc part of the Libre Office Suite (download it here). 

  • The first step to import data is to create a custom export structure file. To do that go to your fedena instance and click on the Menu > Data and Reports > Custom Imports. Next create a new custom import by clicking on New in the Inner Tab menu.
  • In the create page select the model you want to import data and click on Additional Detail if you wish to include additional details of the selected model. Refer to the screen shot below

  • After the csv has been saved you will find it in the list of custom imports created. Click on Export CSV to download the csv file for this export. Imports is used to import new file into fedena. Delete deletes the particular export and Imports lists all the imports done for this particular export. 

  • Click on Export CSV to export a new CSV file. Open this file in an editor like Libre Office Calc as shown below. 
    Ensure that the delimiter is Comma and Character set is Unicode (UTF-8) 


  • Enter your data as per the format specified in the manual and save it. The maximum limit for one time upload is 200 records. 
  • Then click on imports and then New to create a new import. Upload the file and then refresh the page to see the status of the background job. On completion the imports page will list the status of the import. If it fails due to some error with the file format or csv format then "Failed" Error message will be shown. If some data failed to upload due to formatting error or a mandatory field being blank then "Complete with Errors" message is shown. If the import is successful a "Success" message will be shown. 
  • To import more data for the same model click on imports and select New. There is no need to create a new export record. 

Fedena Pro Tip: When trying uploads for the first time use a couple of sample records to upload data so that you avoid mistakes in the data. 

 For more clarifications, please watch this,


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