Enabling Google single sign-on (SSO) will allow Fedena users to log in to Fedena using their Google account credentials, without using a Fedena username and password.

Prerequisites:-To perform Google SSO for Fedena you have met the following prerequisites,

  • Access to a Fedena instance that is installed on a server or your local network.

  • A Fedena institution account created with its settings configured.

  • A recommended web browser – Every latest version of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 9 and above.

  • Administrator access to the Fedena institution account, or Employee access to the Fedena institution account with necessary privileges.

Steps to enable Google SSO for Fedena :

Step 1 – Configure SSO for Google

Step 2 – Perform the Google OAuth setting in the Fedena Account panel

Step 3 – Enable the Google SSO plugin in the Fedena Account panel

Step 4 – Enable Google SSO in Fedena’s General Settings