Subject Amount is usually assigned if the Online Application Fee depends on the subjects a student choose. If the Application fee depends on the subject a student chooses and if the amount is depends on the subject, then you need to assign Amount associated with the subject.

The administrator or a privileged employee (Manage Course/Batch privilege must be provided) can assign a subject fee amount that a student will need to pay at the time of registering for a course. Subject fee amount can be assigned for normal and elective subjects.

 At the top of your dashboard, click the MenuAdministration > Settings > Manage Course/Batch > Manage Course to open the  Manage Course page.

  1. Select the course for which you want to assign a subject fee amount.

  2. In the top right, click the Assign subject amount button.

                                                  Fig 1.

The Assign subject amount page is displayed.

  1. In the Subjects field, select the subject that you want to assign a fee amount.

  2. In the Amount field, enter the fee amount.

  3. Click the Save button.   

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