1. Log in to your accounts.fedena.com or equivalent administrator panel used to create your schools.

  2. In the top right, click your username > Company to view the company profile.

  1. Click Plugin Settings > Azure OAuth.

  1. Enter the following information:

  • Client Key – This is the “Client ID” of the application created in the Azure AD.

  • Client secretThis is the “Key value” generated for the application in Azure AD.

  • Tenant – This is the default domain name of the directory created in Azure.

  • Resource – If you want any Fedena user with a Microsoft account to log in to your Fedena school, enter “https://graph.windows.net” as the resource.

  1. Click the Save button.

If you want your Fedena application to access the information of another application in any directory, you will have to first add the application.

Note: If the application you are adding is not in the same directory as your Fedena resource application, the application must be in a verified domain.

After adding the application, configure the permission setting in your Fedena application.

In the Resource field, enter the App ID URI of the application Fedena needs to access.

If you only want specific Fedena users to access the information of another application in a directory, first the User assignment required to access app must be enabled for the application you want to access.

Then, add the users to the directory that contains the application you want to access.

After adding the users, you will have to grant user access to the application.