The custom report module can be used to create reports that contain fields of the user's choice. Custom Reports can be created for students or employees. It is very useful when administrative reports need to be created to view lists of students or employees. Examples of reports are 

'Students who belong to category X', 

'Male employees who live in city Y'  etc. 

To create a report:

  • Go to Custom Reports under Data and Reports tab of the menu. Click on New Student Report or New Employee Report to create a new report. 
  • Enter the name of the report
  • Select fields to search the database for creating report
  • Enter conditions for the selected fields
  • Select fields to be listed in the report and order them accordingly
  • Hit save to create the report
  • Go to the custom reports page to view list of reports. Click on view report to view that report.

Here is a screenshot of the creation page for a student.