All new online exam reset logs show when an online exam was reset, by whom it was reset, and for whom it was done. You can search the logs for a specific duration. Resetting an exam for a student will delete all answers previously submitted by the student. 

Who can view the Online exam reset logs?

Admin user and the user who has 'Online Exam Control' privilege can access the Online Exam Reset logs.

Let's see the data that we can view in the Online exam reset log:

  1. To view the Online exam reset logs, go to Menu > Academics > Examination > Online Exam > Reset Exam > Logs
  2. Enter the date range between which the exam might be reset and enter Search Criteria. Click on Search to view the results.
  3. The result will show the Username and Employee ID who has reset the exam, Batch name, exam name, No. of students, and Date and time action was performed.

  4. By clicking on the No. of Student you can view which all student exam was reset.

For better understanding, watch this-