At the top of your dashboard, click the module access icon > Administration > Reminders > Reminder Settings > Online Exam Reminder Settings to open the Online Exam Reminder Settings page.

The Online Exam Reminder Settings page contains preconfigured reminder settings that can be changed.

  1. Select the recipients who will receive the reminder message.

  2. Set the reminder time. The default options available are Before 1 day, Before 2 days, and Before 1 week. Click Add new to add a new reminder. Reminders can be set for a maximum of 30 days in advance or 4 weeks in advance.

Note: You can add as many reminder options as you like, however, only three options can be selected to be displayed when scheduling online exams.

  1. Select the reminder mode – Email and SMS. At least one mode must be selected.

  2. In addition to the default email message that will be sent, you can add a custom message and signature.

Note: The SMS message is delivered in a predefined template and cannot be edited.

  1. Click the Save changes button.

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Reset to default settings – This option is available only if you edit the default reminder settings. Use this option to remove any previously saved settings and restore the original default settings.

Reminder settings when scheduling an online exam

Reminders created for online exams will be automatically applied at the time of scheduling exams using the Online Exam plugin. When scheduling an online exam, click Show reminder setting at the bottom.

The reminder options created in the Reminders module are displayed.

You can make changes if necessary. Click Advanced reminder setting to view and edit the reminder mode. If any changes are made, click the Save changes button.

If a reminder option appears disabled, it means that the reminder cannot be set for the exam. You will have to check the reminder settings in the Reminders module, or contact your Fedena Administrator.

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