The assignment module in Fedena Mobile App can be used to create and submit assignments easily.  Students can submit all their assignments from the mobile App and Teachers can create as well as evaluate all the assignments from the application itself.

How Does This Work?

1. For Students

Using this module students can-

  1. View all the assignments created by teachers.
  2. View the pending assignments and due date for same.
  3. See the status of submitted assignments, that is whether teachers have accepted or rejected the assignment.

    4. Submit the Assignment.

    5. They can also get back to submitted assignments and see the submission.

    6. View assignments based on the subject.

2. For Teachers

Using this module teachers can-

  1. Create a new Assignment.

    2. Can view all the submitted assignments.

    3. Edit the Assignment. 

    4. Delete the Assignment.


 5. Accept or Reject the assignment submitted by students


    6. View the assignments based on the subjects