Here are a few of the main features in Zoom that you can use while setting up a meeting via zoom.

  1. Video conferencing
  2. Audio conferencing
  3. Screen sharing – All the participants can share their screen with all the participants
  4. Whiteboard sharing – Whiteboard can be shared to write or draw something
  5. Breakout Rooms – Can create separate rooms when participants are more
  6. Annotation – To annotate on the shared screen
  7. Group Chats/Private chats.
  8. Keyboard/mouse control – You can give remote access to other participants to control your screen
  9. Recording- You can record the zoom meetings
  10. Virtual background- You can enable virtual background during video conferencing.
  11. Polling - To conduct polls during the meeting.

To explore more features of Zoom go to- and log in using your zoom account id and PWD