Prerequisite:-You need the Collaborate plugin and BBB(BigBlueButton) installed and running in a server (Can contact your Fedena account manager, if you wish to use Fedena BigBlueButton Hosting Service.)

To schedule/enable online classes via collaborate plugin-

  1. Integrate BigBlueButton
  2. Schedule class by choosing date and members

Once the classes are scheduled, students can directly login to Fedena and join the classes.

How an admin can create an online class.

Menu > Collaboration > Collaborate > New > Add a name for the class > Select the department and choose the instructor > Select the course/Batch > Add students > Define date and time > Save.

How Student can attend the online class?

Login Fedena with student's login credentials > Menu > Collaboration > Collaborate > Pick the date > Go > Join.

                                              Watch our video tutorial to explore more about the Module.