Once the exams are successfully scheduled subject teachers/employee with mark entry privilege get an option to enter marks.

Menu >> Academics >> Gradebook >> Manage Gradebook >> Select the classes >> Manage Exams >>  Select the Exam >> Manage Exams >>  Enter Marks

1.  Select Enter Marks and the subject teacher will have an option to enter mark for his/her subject. Alternatively, teachers can also upload mark using an excel.

2.  Once marks are entered you can either Save or Submit the marks.

3. Save the marks if there are any more marks to be entered or you are expecting future corrections.

4. Submit the marks when all the marks are correctly entered. Mark Entry will be frozen once you have submitted the marks. Later teachers won't have an option to modify the marks.

Report cards can be generated only after all the subject teachers have submitted the marks.

In case, teachers have accidentally submitted the marks and want to modify the marks, admin can UNLOCK the exam.

Now unlock the subject, for which marks have to be edited.