Whenever an employee’s payroll structure changes, for example a new earnings have been added to the payroll group—the employee payroll group must be updated.

  1.  At the top of your dashboard, click the Module access icon > Administration > Human Resource > Payroll and Payslip Management > Payroll Groups to open the Payroll Groups page.

  2. Click Employees beside a payroll group to open the Payroll Group Employees page. Employees whose payroll is outdated are indicated with a red icon as depicted in the Fig 1.

                                                                         Fig 1.

  3. Click View payroll. The employee payroll details are displayed.

  4. Click the Edit Payroll button. You can either edit the employee's previous payroll structure, or apply the latest payroll group changes and assign it to the employee. 

                                                                                                 Fig 2.

  5. Click Apply latest payroll group changes at the top as depicted in Fig 2. The employee previous payroll structure is displayed on the right side, and the new payroll structure on the left as depicted in Fig 3. 

                                                                     Fig 3.
  6. Edit the new payroll structure if necessary, and then click the Assign payroll button.

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