Payslip can be generated for an employee through Payslip for Employee or to a set of employees through payroll groups

1. Generate employee payslips by payroll group:

Each payroll group must be processed separately for a specific pay period. Employee payslips can only be generated once for a pay period. For example, if the payment frequency of a payroll group is ‘Monthly’, payslip generation for the employees assigned to the payroll group can only be done once every month. 
  1. At the top of your dashboard, click the module access icon > Administration > Human Resource > Payroll and Payslip Management > Payslips for Payroll Groups to open the Payslips for Payroll Groups page.

                                                                                   Fig 1. 

  2. Click Generate Payslip beside the payroll group as depicted in Fig1.

  3. Select a date within the pay period, and then click the Proceed button as depicted in Fig2.

                                                            Fig 2.

  4. Click Generate Payslip for all.

  5. You can also check or uncheck the employees for generating the payslip.

                                                                                      Fig 3.

  6. Click the Generate Payslip button to generate the payslip.

  7. Generated payslips are then verified and approved in the Finance module.

2. Generate payslips for individual employees:

An employee’s payslip can also be generated from the Payslips for Employees page. Employees with outdated payroll are indicated by a red icon.

      1. At the top of your dashboard, click the Module access icon > Administration > Human Resource > Payroll and Payslip Management > Payslips for Employees to open the Payslips for Employees page.

      2. Select a department to filter the employees or search for an employee.

      3. Click Generate payslip beside the employee and generate the payslip.

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