1. Only the administrator or a privileged employee (Employee Attendance privilege is required) can edit/delete leave marked from the attendance register. However, there are certain conditions when marked attendance can or cannot be edited/deleted:

• Attendance marked after the leave reset date can be edited or deleted.

• Attendance marked before the leave reset date can only be deleted.

• Additional leaves marked as LOP and added to an approved payslip cannot be edited or deleted.

Note: Approved leave applications that were submitted through the Leave Application feature cannot be edited or deleted from the attendance register.

  1. At the top of your dashboard, click the module access icon > Administration > Human Resource > Employee Leave Management > Attendance Register.
  2.  Select the department. All employees of the selected department are displayed as depicted in Fig 1. 
                                                                                       Fig 1.
  3. Select the date the employee was marked absent.

                                                      Fig 2.
  4. Make the necessary changes in order to edit the leave. Click the Submit button, and then click OK to confirm.
    Click the Delete button to delete the marked attendance. Once deleted, the employee will be considered ‘present’ for that particular day and the leave count will be updated for the employee.

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