The employee attendance register can be used to:

  • View the attendance details for all employees of a department. When an employee applies for leave through the Leave Request feature and is approved by the manager, the employee’s attendance register will display an ‘X’ against the name of the employee for that particular date(s).

  • Mark employee attendance in case an employee forgets to apply for leave.

  • Mark employee attendance (Additional) for an employee who has exhausted all leaves of a particular leave type. An employee in Fedena is allowed to apply for leave based on the number of leaves available in each leave type. However, if an employee has exhausted all leaves of a particular leave type, then the administrator or a privilege employee (Employee attendance privilege is required) can mark the employee as ‘absent’ from the employee attendance register. This leave is called Additional Leave.

To mark employee attendance using the employee attendance register:

At the top of your dashboard, click the module access icon > Administration > Human Resource > Employee Leave Management > Attendance Register.
  1. Select the department. All employees of the selected department are displayed.

                                                                                            Fig 1.

  1. Select the date you want to mark the employee absent.

                                                        Fig 2.

  1. In the Leave type field, select the leave type. 

  2. Select the Half Day checkbox if the employee was absent for only half day else select Full day.

  3. In the Reason field, enter any remarks.

  4. Click the Submit button, and then click OK to confirm.

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