From a student’s profile (More > Fees), you can view all the fees that the student has paid and is due to pay for the current batch as well as previous batches. The following types of fees may be listed:

    • General (finance) fees

    • Hostel fees

    • Transport fees

    • Instant fees

    • Library fines

Against each batch, the overall fee payment status is displayed.

    • No fees to pay – No fee collection has been assigned to the student for the batch.

    • All fees paid – The student has paid all assigned fee collections for the batch.

    • Unpaid fees – The student has unpaid fees for the batch.


Click  to expand and view all the fee details. The fee details include the fee name, payment status (Paid or Unpaid), amount paid or amount due, and payment date or payment due date. You can click on the fee name to view the voucher details.


Note: If the Online Payment plugin is enabled and its settings is configured, students and parents can pay the unpaid fees by clicking the fee collection name.