Data Audit tracks the following employee activities depending on the assigned privileges:

  • Archived Student – Archiving a student 
  • Batch – Creating or editing a batch 
  • Cancelled Finance Transaction – Reverting a finance transaction 
  • Course – Creating or editing a course 
  • Employee – Creating, editing, or deleting an employee 
  • Exam – Creating, editing, or deleting an exam 
  • Exam Group – Creating, editing, or deleting an exam group 
  • Fee Refund – Creating a fee refund 
  • Finance Fee Collection – Creating or editing a finance fee collection 
  • Finance Transaction – Creating or deleting a finance transaction 
  • Individual Payslip Category – Adding a payslip category 
  • Student – Creating, editing, or deleting a student 
  • Timetable Entry – Creating or deleting a timetable entry

The Data Audit page lists all data activity details of a user for the specified date. Data in all columns can be sorted by clicking the headers.

To view activity details for a particular employee:

  1. In the Module field, select the module. 
  2. In the Activity field, select the activity type. If you select a module, you must select an activity type. 
  3. In the Username field, enter the employee’s username. 
  4. Select a date range or specify a custom date. 
  5. Click the Search button. 

You can use a combination of filters to create a custom search.

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