Scheduling an exam for a batch involves the following:

  • Creating an exam group for the batch.

  • Selecting the exam type.

  • Adding an exam i.e. subjects to be included in the exam group.

  • Specifying exam dates

  • Publishing the exam schedule

  • At the top of your dashboard, click the module access icon > Academics > Examination > Exam Management to open the Create Exam page.

  • In the top right, click the Create exam group button.
  • Select a class.
  • Select the batch for which you want to schedule an exam.
  • In the Exam group name field, enter the name of the exam.
  • In the Exam type field, select the grading type from the following options:
  • Marks – Display only marks in the reports.
  • Grades – Display only grades in the reports.
  • Marks and Grades – Display both marks and grades in the reports.
  • Click the Create exam group button.

In the top right, click the Add exam button. All subjects of the batch are displayed.

Note: If elective subjects are not being listed, it means that they have not been assigned to students.

  • Enter the maximum and minimum marks for all subjects.
  • Note: If you have selected Grades as the exam type, you will not need to enter the maximum and minimum marks.

  • Specify the start time and end time for each subject examination.
  • Select the No exam check-box for subjects that are not to be included in the examination schedule.
  • Click the Create exam button. The exam schedule is created.
  • Click Manage exams and then click Publish exam schedule.

Note : After you publish the exam schedule, you can always remind the students and parents later by clicking Resend SMS notification.

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