It is very important for classes to be taught in appropriate classrooms. Depending on the type of class, classrooms may need to provide the necessary computer equipment, multimedia equipment, laboratory equipment, as well as be able to accommodate all students enrolled in the class. Before allocating classrooms, you must add building and details. The administrator or a privileged employee (Manage Buildings or Manage Buildings and Allocations privilege is required) can add building details.
    1. At the top of your dashboard, click the module access icon > Academics > Timetable > Class Room Allocation > Manage Buildings to open the Manage Buildings page.
    2. In the top right, click the Add building button.


      1. In the Building Name field, enter the building name.

      2. In the Room Name field, enter the room name.

      3. In the Capacity field, enter the number of students the room can accommodate.

      4. Click Add field if you want to add more rooms to the building.

      Click the Save button. 

      For more information, watch this-