Suppose your institution has two different types of courses: X and Y.

X is a semester-based course (duration 6 months) and Y is a trimester based course (duration 3 months)

Here is how you can create timetables: 

Timetables in Fedena are created for all courses in the institution at once. So here you have to select the course that has the least duration among the two. 

  • Create a timetable for the course Y i.e for three months and assign the subjects for different periods. 
  • In a similar way, for course X also assign subjects in the same timetable. 
  • Then after 3 months, create a new timetable for course Y for the next trimester and one for course X for the same semester (keeping the subject entries same as the previous timetable).  

This workaround can be followed for institutions that have 2 or more duration timings. Every time the least duration has to be followed while creating a timetable.