Fedena is a web 2.0 application. Fedena can be installed in a web server. Fedena's architecture doesn’t support it to be installed as a standalone application.

Installation prerequisite:- Your server should provide SSH access with public IP for Foradian engineers to install the product.


Minimum Server Requirement to host Fedena


The server requirement depends on a lot of factors. You might be thinking that the number of students & teachers in the database is the key factor. But actually not. The number of concurrent users is the key here. Suppose School A has 300 students and School B has 1000 students. If 100 students of School A and 20 students of SchoolB use Fedena at the same time, School A will need better server resources than School B.


The basic server requirement is as follows

  • At least 200GB of space other than root (/) server

  • 8GB of Ram, CentOS 7  / Ubuntu 16.04 

  • 4 Core, 64bit processor(x86_64) (With the exception of Atom processor)


Note :No of cores/number of nginx worker process * 512 ( default worker connection)= No. of users can be handled concurrently. This is defined in the Nginx (Web Server) configuration file


A 4 core server can support 2048 concurrent users/second of fedena. Concurrent users do not mean 2048 logged in users. It is the number of users interacting with the system at the same time. You can start with this and with the help of a good server admin guy, you can scale up the system according to the usage. If you are worried or tired about server setup and maintenance, switch to our hosted plans.



Recommended Server Requirement to host Fedena


Database Server

  • Memory - 8GB

  • CPU - 4 core - >= 2.3Ghz each

  • Disk space - More than 1 TB (Database Storage)

Application Server

  • Memory - 8 GB

  • CPU - 8 core - >= 2.3Ghz each

  • Disk Space - 1 TB (Fedena source code, log files)


File Storage

This is needed for storing photos and documents that are uploaded through Fedena. It is better to store files on a separate storage server rather in application server so that it will smoothen the process of load balancing. Amazon S3 can be used for this for high availability.


With this configuration, the app will be able to handle around 200 - 300 concurrent requests per second

Other Important Points to keep in mind before selecting setting up an environment to install Fedena.

  • If you are planning to host Fedena in your servers, Fedena support team will help you to install the application only in the recommended servers.

  • Fedena cannot be installed on the shared server. If installed in a shared server, there is a high probability that the application may crash any time since it's a heavy application. Foradian doesn't recommend the shared server for Fedena hosting.

  • You need to have thorough server knowledge if you are hosting on your own server. Fedena team will be installing the application only. All other server related operations need to be taken care from your side like backup, server log files, redundancy, folder permissions etc.

  • You can always get a dedicated leased line as your internet connection instead of having server and server admin. The TCO will be lower for this and you will have uninterrupted internet also.

  • If application is hosted on your server, Foradian will support you only if the source code is not altered or the Database is not fudged

  • Fedena is a product and separate feature requests are not encouraged. Only feature requests which are taken to the roadmap of the product will be included in the product. Clients can raise their feature requests in our Feature request Forum and if a lot of clients support this, we will be taking this to the product roadmap.

  • Any other customization other than which is included in the product will have separate hosting and source code maintenance charges.

  • If Fedena is not hosted with Foradian, while raising a support ticket, you should give the details of the bug with the screenshots if applicable and should give the ssh root login access so that we can check the issue.

Please note: You can use (access) Fedena in any OS of your choice including Windows, Linux, Mac or smartphones as Fedena is a Web based application which works in a browser.


Conditions for delivering source code to enterprise customers and partners.

You should satisfy all 8 conditions given below. You will have to digitally sign to accept the following conditions.



  1. You have access to a qualified server administrator. You should either have a certified server technician in your team or a third party company which will take care of Server related actions (checking server log files, hard disk space, folder permissions, backup, redundancy)

  2. You or one of your team member must know how to configure a fresh server, install operating system on the server, configure IPs and setup public access

  3. You have a server with Operating System which supports Fedena Installation (Supported OS are CentOS 7 , Ubuntu 16.04 LTS)

  4. You must know how to take database backup and restore the database in case of server crash

  5. You must know how to scale up the server in case of increase in concurrent users

  6. You won't edit the source code of Fedena

  7. You won't edit the database of a live Fedena directly

  8. Incase of failure of above points, you can't contact fedena official support team to own the responsibility of the problem or challenge