To schedule meetings using Zoom in Fedena, follow the below steps.

  • Go to Menu >> Collaboration >> Collaborate >> New Zoom Meeting.

  • Give a preferred name for the meeting
  • Specify the meeting agenda, enable the waiting room if required (or else you can let participants join the meeting directly), specify the meeting duration and zoom host email id.
  • Now to add participants for the meeting.
    • To add employees - choose a department and add employees
    • To add students - Select a course and add students
  •  Finally, schedule the date and time for the meeting.

How can participants join a zoom Meeting?

  1. Login to Fedena school instance using your id and PWD
  2. Go to Menu >> Collaboration >> Collaborate.
  3. Click on the join button against the meeting to join the meeting.

To view the Recorded Videos in Cloud From Fedena

To view the meeting recordings, later on, make sure that you record the meeting in the cloud while you attend the meeting.

Once the meetings are over you can view the recordings in Fedena.

To access the meetings in Zoom created using Fedena


Go to for accessing user account and viewing meetings that were created via Fedena.