In Fedena, you can create a timetable that have more than one subject on same time period. You can also assign different students to these different subjects. For instance, Let's assume that class 10 students are divided into two groups and planning to conduct chemistry lab for group 1 and physics lab for group 2, then you can create a timetable as given below.

Sreekanth Group.png

On the next period you can also conduct these classes by interchanging the groups, ie chemistry lab for group 2 and physics lab for group 1.

You can do these in fedena by following the given steps.

  1. Go to Menu > Administration > Settings > Manage subjects. Then select the course and batch. Click ‘+ New elective group’ and create elective group with the any meaningful name name (example LAB1).

  2. Add the subjects in your elective group in which you wanted to conduct classes on same period.You can do this by clicking ‘+add subject’ option on right side of the row. For example, we will add Physics LAB (for group 1) and Chemistry LAB (for group 2).

Sreekanth Group1.png

3.Assign the batch students as per the subjects you made by clicking the ‘assign student’ 

option on right side of the row. In next page you will get option to assign the students to 

current subject.

Sreekanth Group11.png

The steps 4 and 5 required only if you are planning to make a separate time table by 

interchanging the students.

4.Create the next elective group with a meaningful name (Example LAB 2).

Sreekanth Group2.png

5.Add the subjects into the elective groups and then assign the students who were not 

assigned to this subject at the first time. In our case we will add Physics LAB (for group 2) and Chemistry LAB (for group 1).

6.Create the time table, now you can select elective group into the required time period. This elective group will contain different subjects with different students. Make sure that you have done employee subject allocation before starting timetable creation.

This method will also help you to manage the exam and to enter the marks for this 


Sample screenshots

LAB 1 View

Sreekanth Group12.png

Teachers timetable

Sreekanth Group9.png

Group 2

Student View 1

Sreekanth Group13.png

Student View 2

Sreekanth Group14.png