Administration / Operations

Privileges Controls associated with this privilege
Manage Users Can create admin users, search and delete operations on all users
HR Basics Control over HR settings,Employee Management, Employee leave Management, Employee Search
Employee Search Enables Employee search option
Employee attendance Control over Employee attendance register
Create Payslip Create and view monthly payslips
Event Management Can create Events
Manage News Can add new news and moderate comments

Can renew,Issue and Return book.

Can change Library Settings

Monitor Book Movement Log
Discipline Can register new complaints
Transport Admin Complete Control Over Transport Module
Hostel Admin Complete control over Hostel Module
Custom import privilege Complete Control over Custom Import Plugin
Custom Reports Control

Can create new Student Report

Can create new Employee Report

Can Delete reports

Can Export CSV

Can see all reports

Can print reports
Custom Reports View

Can Export CSV

Can see all reports

Can print reports

Task Management

Can Assign New Tasks
Placement Activities

Can see Archived Placemets

Can announce New Placements
Employee Manager Inventory
Can Manage Purchase Orders
Manage Inventory Complete Control over Inventory Plugin
Inventory Basics Can only view store items and raise indents
Data Management Complete control over the Data Management plugin
Data Management Viewer Can only view new categories
Document Management Manage the document manager plugin
Inventory Sales Can create sales invoices and generate sales reports.
Manage Alumni Complete control over the Alumni plugin
App Frame Management
Can Manage App Frames
Client App Management        
Can Manage Client Apps                                                                                                            

Student Management

Admission Can Enter students Admission Details
Students Control Can control over students Details
Student View Can view student details, Can send Emails
Student Attendance Register Control over Attendance register
Student Attendance View Can only view attendance report
Applicant Registration Complete Control over Application registration Plugin


Examination Control Complete control over the examination module
Enter Result Privilege to enter result even if no subjects are assigned. If a subject is assigned. If a subject is assigned to a teacher, the teacher will be able to enter the result for that subject by default, no need for this privilege.
View Result Privilege to view all the results in all batches even if no subject is assigned.
Manage Timetable To create and Edit time table
Timetable View To view all the batches timetable.
View Additional Reports View the additional reports module
Manage Allocations Privilege to access the classroom allocations
Manage Buildings Privilege to create and manage buildings
Manage Buildings and Allocations Complete access to the classroom allocation module
Online Exam Control Privilege for the online examination module

Social / Other Activity

Create Group Create group in Discussion module
Poll Control Can Create new polls
Blog Admin Can ban post or comments, delete post, comments
Gallery Admin Complete Control over Gallery module

System Settings

General Settings

Control over Managing student Category

General Settings

Adding Additional Admission Details
Add New Batch Manage Course,Batches,Subjects
Subject Master Can Only Manage Subjects
SMS Management Manage the SMS module
Send Email Privilege to send emails
Email Alert Settings Access to Email alert settings
Manage Student    
roll number
Manage roll on for students

Finance Control

Manage Fee

Can create and manage Fees

Fee Submission

Can collect fees and view student fee structure

Manage Refunds

Can manage fee refunds

Finance Reports

Can generate finance reports

Approve/Reject Payslip

Can approve or reject employee payslips

Revert Transaction

Can manage reverted transactions


Can control Finance Categories, Expense and Income Transactions, Donations, Automatic Transactions, Asset Liability, and Tally


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