The Fedena Account Administrator must perform this configuration.

  1. Go to

  2. Log in with your Google account credentials.

  1. Click the Create Project button to create a new project.

  1. Enter the project name, accept the terms and conditions, and then click the Create button.

  2. Click on your project name to open your project.

  3. Click APIs & auth > APIs to open the API Library.

  1. Click Drive API > Enable API button to enable the Drive API.

  1. Click Credentials.

  1. On the Credentials tab, click Add credentials > OAuth 2.0 client ID.

  1. Click the Configure consent screen button to enter a product name before creating a client ID.

  1. On the OAuth consent screen tab, enter a product name, and then click the Save button. The consent details will be shown when a user does a single sign-on for the first time, and it will inform the user the permissions that are being granted to the application requesting for access.

  1. Select the application type as Web application.

  2. Enter the authorized redirect URLs. The redirect URL must be http://<your_webapplication_url>/authenticate. For example if your Fedena domain is then enter the value as “”.

Note: If you have more than one school to create single sign-on for, enter each URL in a new line, in the same format.

  1. Click the Create button. You will be provided a client ID and client secret.

  1. Make note of the client values, and then click OK.

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