At the top of your dashboard, click the module access icon > Administration > Transport > Transport Fee > Fee Collections > User-wise Fee Collections to open the User-wise Fee Collections page.

  1. Select the Create New Fee Collection option.

  1. In the Transport Fee Name field, enter the name of the transport fee collection.

  2. In the Start date field, select the date from which you intend to start collecting the fees.

  3. In the End date field, select the last date within which the students would be required to pay the fees.

  4. In the Due date field, select the due date within which the student must pay the transport fee. Students who do not pay the fee on or before the due date will be listed as a fee defaulter. If the due date has passed, you can apply a late fee fine.

  5. In the Search Student/Employee field, enter the name or admission number of the student to search and assign, or enter the name or employee ID of the employee to search and assign.

Note: You can only search for students and employees who have been assigned transport.

  1. Click the Create button