ou can regularly review the applicants registered for a course and accordingly accept or decline their admission.

  1. Click the module access icon > Academics > Applicant Registration.

  1. Click View Applicants beside a course.

Applicants registered for the course are displayed.

  1. Click the applicant’s name to review the applicant’s admission form.

  2. To allot the applicant to a course, select the applicant.

  3. Select the batch, and then click the Allot button.

Note: To decline admission click the Discard button.

When allotting an applicant to a course, if you’ve set Admission approval system to Active when setting up the course, you must verify and mark the student as “academically cleared” and “has paid all fees”. To do this:

  1. Go to the applicant’s admission form and click Mark as academically cleared to clear the applicant academically.

  1. Click Mark Paid to indicate that the applicant has paid the application fee.

  1. After clearing the student, click Admit applicant to a batch.

  1. Select the batch and then click the Save button.

For more information, view this :